Privacy Policy

Privacy policy will let you know about the manner used by Pricehut.pk to collect and use the information given by the user who lands on the website of pricehut.pk.

Personal Information

It is not mandatory to provide your personal information whenever you visit the website of pricehut.pk. You can anonymously come and visit our website to gather the information that you need. We may collect the personal identification information (name and email address) of the users only if they voluntarily submit their information to our website. Pricehut.pk asks for the personal information of the user in a case when the user comments about a product or wants to communicate with our team. This information is used by pricehut.pk as long as that particular matter of the user is resolved.

Non-personal Information

Pricehut.pk may collect some non-personal information of the user whenever he lands on our website. This information includes;

  • Name of the browser
  • Type of device
  • Source of connection to our website (Internet service)
  • Some other similar information

Website cookies

Pricehut.pk uses a small file ‘cookies’ in order to enhance the user’s experience. Whenever the user lands on our website for the first time, these cookies might save his presence and will use it for the next time when he visits the website. The user can refuse to accept cookies but he may not that after doing this, some functions of the website will not function properly.

How is the collected information used by Pricehut.pk?

In a case where the user voluntarily gives his personal identification information, pricehut.pk may use it for the following purposes;

  • To send emails in order to ask questions or respond to the queries of the user.
  • To improve the website by considering the feedback of the user.

How is the collected information protected by Pricehut.pk?

Pricehut.pk uses appropriate methods to protect the user’s personal information like username, password, and transaction details stored on our website against any disclosure, modification, or unauthorized access by any third party.

Who do we share the personal information with?

Pricehut.pk makes sure that the personal identification information of the user is not sold, rented, or traded to any third party. Our website may share the demographic data of the user with the advertisements parties, trusted affiliates, and business partners.


Our advertising partners will recognize your computer every time you land on the website by using cookies and compiling your non-personal information. This information will help the advertising networks to filter and deliver the most relevant advertisements to you.

Ads by Google

Google uses the DART cookie that presents advertisements to the users based on their visit to the website. This cookie uses the non-personal information of the user and does not interfere with any information like username or email address.

Alterations in the privacy policy

Pricehut.pk has the authority to make alterations to the privacy policy at any time. And whenever it is done, the updated date will be mentioned on this page. We may ask the users to check this page frequently so that they can stay updated with the changes. It is your responsibility to check this page regularly and be aware of the alterations.

Your approval of the policy

Whenever you are here to use this website, you have to accept the terms of the privacy policy. Moreover, if you are not agreeing to these terms, it is advised to not use this website.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding the privacy and policy of pricehut.pk, you can contact us at: